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Flotex Calagry


Flotex calgary offers a choice of colours in a soft, natural design that can easily be combined with other complementary Flotex or resilient ranges. Calgary is the perfect choice for application areas that require a muted ambiance. Flotex Calgary is available in tile & sheet. 

     Broadloom or chequerboard installation 

s290011 quartz

Flotex Calgary quartz


s290030 spa

Flotex Calgary spa

s290019 carbon

Flotex Calgary carbon

s290012 cement

Flotex Calgary cement

s290002 grey

Flotex Calgary grey

s290010 ash

Flotex Calgary ash

s290021 aqua

Flotex Calgary aqua 


s290018 fossil

Flotex Calgary fossil

s290025 riviera

Flotex Calgary riviera

s290022 condor

Flotex Calgary condor


s290001 sky

Flotex Calgary sky

s290015 azure

Flotex Calgary azure 

s290014 lime

Flotex Calgary lime


s290016 apple

Flotex Calgary apple


s290009 moss

Flotex Calgary moss

s290004 menthol

Flotex Calgary menthol

s290027 amber

Flotex Calgary amber

s290031 cherry

Flotex Calgary cherry

s290017 crystal

Flotex Calgary crystal


s290029 salmon

Flotex Calgary salmon

s290006 sahara

Flotex Calgary sahara

s290008 saffron

Flotex Calgary saffron

s290024 fire

Flotex Calgary fire

s290003 red

Flotex Calgary red

s290007 suede

Flotex Calgary suede

s290026 linen

Flotex Calgary linen


s290028 ginger

Flotex Calgary ginger

s290013 caramel

Flotex Calgary caramel

s290005 melon

Flotex Calgary melon 

s290020 toffee

Flotex Calgary toffee 

s290023 expresso

Flotex Calgary expresso



Heavy Commercial Use  
  Sheet Tile
Weight: Approx 1800 gms m 4500gms m2
Roll Width: 2Mt  
Roll Length: 30m  approx  
Tile Size   50 x 50cm
Quantity to Box   12 (3m2)
  Rolls 21.53m2+vat 23.12m2+vat


Cut Lengths 22.88+vat  


For Further Information

Phone 02921 151 006



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