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Flotex metro


Flotex Metro is a versatile semi-plain design which covers a wide and modern colour bank. The understated pattern conveys texture without definite form, creating an authentic feel that is unique to Flotex.

This collection lends itself to office or retail applications but will work in any location where a subtle textile look is desired. Flotex Metro is available in tile & sheet. 

  Broadloom or chequerboard installation

s246005 nimbus

Flotex Metro nimbus


s246006 grey

Flotex Metro grey

s246024 carbon

Flotex Metro carbon

s246014 concrete

Flotex Metro concrete

s246007 ash

Flotex Metro ash 

s246008 anthracite

Flotex Metro anthracite

s246011 pebble

Flotex Metro pebble

s246009 pepper

Flotex Metro pepper

s246029 truffle

Flotex Metro truffle

s246015 cocoa

Flotex Metro cocoa

s246030 cinnamon

Flotex Metro cinnamon

s246010 chocolate

Flotex Metro chocolate

s246027 Burgundy

Flotex Metro Burgundy

s246017 berry

Flotex Metro berry

s246026 red

Flotex Metro red

s246031 cherry

Flotex Metro cherry

s246025 tangerine

Flotex Metro tangerine

s246003 melon

Flotex Metro melon 

s246018 mineral

Flotex Metro mineral

s246016 grape

Flotex Metro grape 

s246034 lilac

Flotex Metro lilac 

s246035 pink

Flotex Metro pink

s246036 gold

Flotex Metro gold

s246013 amber

Flotex Metro amber 

s246002 tempest

Flotex Metro tempest


s246023 horizon

Flotex Metro horizon

s246033 emerald

Flotex Metro emerald


s246020 lagoon

Flotex Metro lagoon

s246004 gull

Flotex Metro gull

s246012 sand

Flotex Metro sand

s246037 apple

Flotex Metro apple



s246019 citrus

Flotex Metro citrus

s246021 moss

Flotex Metro moss 

s246022 evergreen

Flotex Metro evergreen

s246028 jade

Flotex Metro jade

petrol 246032

Flotex Metro petrol

s246001 indigo

Flotex Metro indigo 



Heavy Commercial Use  
  Sheet Tile
Weight: Approx 1800 gms m 4500gms m2
Roll Width: 2Mt  
Roll Length: 30m  approx  
Tile Size   50 x 50cm
Quantity to Box   12 (3m2)
  Rolls 21.53m2+vat 23.12m2+vat


Cut Lengths 22.88+vat  


For Further Information

Phone 02921 151 006



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